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Welcome to Thee Web Designer, the nation’s most trusted small business web development company! Everyday we look forward to helping small businesses carve out their niche in the community. We do this by creating visually stimulating, yet functional web designs, eye catching graphic design, white hat SEO and engaging social media management techniques.

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Web Design

We build visually stimulating websites that will let your prospects know they are dealing with a professional organization. Every web design we deliver is responsive, meaning your website will adjust according to what it is being viewed on. This gives you a professional looking site that looks great on all devices.

Graphic Design

Thee Web Designer has created some of the most memorable logos across the country. Our graphic designers will always deliver a logo that distinguishes your entity causing you to stand out among the rest.


Why use Thee Web Designer?

With so many web design companies across the United States, how do you know which is best for you? Which web designer will be the right fit? These are common questions we’re asked daily when speaking to potential clients. Our answer is always the same. At Thee Web Designer, we use a unique 4 phase plan for your web development project that is completed by a 3 person team. Each project has a web designer/programmer, graphic designer and SEO professional assigned to it. This is an advantage to you for several reasons. Many web designers you speak to are one man bands. You have one person doing the graphic design, web design and the SEO. There are 2 big problems with this approach:

  1. With one person tackling all tasks by themselves, your project will a long time to be completed.
  2. Often times you will find that person is strong in one area and weaker in another. This results in websites that might have great functionality but they are not eye catching and receive little traffic.

With Thee Web Designer you will always have 3 people who excel in their respective fields working on your web developement project. This gives you a beautiful and functional website that delivers tons of traffic! This is our promise because this is what small business owners are looking for.


We provide white hat SEO programs that can fit anyone’s budget. This is what gets you to the first page of Google. Professional search engine optimization essentially writes your business a blank check.

Social Media

Managing your social media effectively is crucial in today’s marketplace. Social media gives you an opportunity to engage your customers/prospects on a daily basis and receive valuable feedback. Thee Web Designer builds beautiful, custom social media pages and manage them to expand your reach while keeping current followers engaged.

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Our biggest asset as a company are our team members that call Thee Web Designer home. Each team member is an expert in their respective field. Because of that Thee Web Designer is able to complete most web development projects in under 7 business days.

Adam Wetmiller | President/SEO Specialist/Founding Partner

Adam Wetmiller | President/SEO Specialist/Founding Partner

Adam is one of the founding partners of Thee Web Designer. He serves as Thee Web Designer’s President and Chief Marketing Officer. Adam has been programming since the mid 90s and was one of the pioneers in modern SEO as we know it today. He has achieved over 2000 #1 national Google rankings in his career making him one of the most successful SEO specialists of all time.

Catherine Howell | Graphic Designer

Catherine Howell | Graphic Designer

Catherine is a graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and has worked in the graphics industry for over 30 years. As head of our graphic design department, she ensures EVERY design that leaves our offices meets our standards to insure impeccable brand styling.

Timothy Kimball | Head Programmer/ Founding Partner

Timothy Kimball | Head Programmer/ Founding Partner

Tim Kimball is a founding partner of Thee Web Designer and our head of programming. Tim has been programming since the mid 90s and has produced either software, interfaces or websites for over 25% of all current Fortune 500 companies. He ensures that your website has all of the functionality you desire, done right, the first time.

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In all seriousness, we sincerely look forward to assisting you with your web development project. Give us a call or sign up for a free web design quote below. You will not speak to a pushy salesman but rather an educated, professional web designer who will give you honest advice regarding the correct steps to take to make your endeavor successful.

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